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Suggestions for Freezing Food Correctly

You must take extreme caution as any bad move on your part will risk the lives of your family as it pertains to food storage. The food-borne illnesses occur largely due to incorrect storage of foods. Frequently, store all sorts of foods in the freezer or the refrigerator. Nevertheless, you still must follow particular tips to ensure that the food you are eating is fresh and clean. Mentioned below are some tips for the same.

Check the temperatures. Use a food thermometer to measure the temperatures inside the icebox. In accordance with the statistics by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the temperature in the refrigerator must be 5 degree Celsius and the freezer should reach or be less than -18 degrees. You should make sure that the temperature of the fridge does not increase as the food items can be spoilt by heat and bring about invasion by germs also. Thus, you should get your fridge checked at regular intervals to check if the heat kept ideal to retain all the meals in it clean and fresh.

Set aside vegetables and fruits and wash them after. Most times, as it pertains to veg and fruits, we tend to wash them first. As the moisture that’s left out in the veg and fruits can encourage lots of germs however, that should not be the situation. This can render them useless and bland. In case of lettuce or green leafy vegetables, you must first wash them, drain the water completely and keep in plastic bags that are sealed. You can even utilize papers towels to absorb the excess moisture produced in the process.
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Keep away food 2 hours after cooking. That’s the maximum period you will be able to keep your food away from the refrigerator. Many of the foods get spoilt if they are not refrigerated within 2 hours of preparation. That’s because many of the substances begin to deteriorate at ambient temperature itself. That’s precisely why refrigeration performs an important function in raising the shelf life of cooked as well as raw foods.
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Store everything in shallow containers. Containers with little depth spread the temperature evenly within the food particles. This retains the food in good shape for a very long time frame. The containers must not be more than 2 inches deep for the perfect cooling of eatables. Proper air flow is permitted by superficial pots within the foods particles which keep the meals from deteriorating easily.

For storage of foodstuffs using sealable plastic bags, make sure that you filter all the air. In the event you are storing curd or any other eatables, stow them in a small pot and ensure that there is not any room for moisture seeping in.